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Thai woman is making a straw bags

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her

Willam Wordworth 

Releaf was founded in early 2020 by me, Polly, in Lampang, Thailand. The first product was a handmade cotton tote bag. After a year as a one-woman worker, Releaf now became a local community business consisting of my mother and other handicraftsmen.

We are an eco-friendly hand working product brand that is committed to providing natural products, support handicraft locals, and sustainable materials.

Handmade Fashion Brand from Thailand

Reusability & Recyclability

Customers are welcome to send their used item back to us when no longer wanted. In exchange, we are happy to provide store credits. We will clean and reuse these items where possible – or otherwise recycle the materials.

Sustainable Material

Our products made from various of natural materials as wild Water-grass hyacinth, Seagrass, Bamboo, Palm leaf, Rattan, and Cotton. We transform it into unique products designs by highly experienced artisans.

Environmentally workspace

Home is the best convenient and comfortable working environment. Our handicraftmen work from their home. We provide fair wages for workers and provide equal employment opportunities for female and other minority group workers.

Supporting Local Communities

By purchasing Releaf products, you are contributing to the lives of a local Thai community of around 50 families producing our products on-demand every day.

Eco-friendly handbags and seagrass baskets

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